Welcome to John Wickes Elementary

Where Learning is Living

Our History

Built in 1954, finished and opened in February 1955, John Wickes School originally consisted of only fifteen rooms. The annex which presently houses grade six, music, and art was added three years later. In March 1968 the rooms now used for grade two were constructed. Thus eight rooms were added to the original structure.

Our school is named after John Wickes, a direct descendent of John Greene.

In the early 1640’s, John Wickes joined with a group of ten men and transacted a deed in 1642 to buy what is now Warwick, West Warwick, and Coventry from the Indian Sachem Miantonomy. Throughout his life, John Wickes was a prominent government and business participant. John Wickes died an untimely death during the King Phillips War in 1676. He is buried in the Greene family cemetery along West Shore Road, almost opposite Wharf Avenue. Our school is honored to bear the name of this brave pioneer.

Our Mission

The mission of John Wickes Elementary School is to provide a safe child-centered teaching learning environment where children are encouraged to develop and achieve to their utmost potential.